Lynne Rossetto Kasper on must-have kitchen gadgets

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March 20, 2013 by productoverprocessed

Lynne Rossetto Kasper on must-have kitchen gadgets

I love kitchen gadgets, as my wife (and my bank statement) can attest.  But I only love the ones that actually make my job in the kitchen easier.  I also happen to love NPR’s The Splendid Table.  So what good fortune to open my Twitter feed and find Lynne Rossetto Kasper talking about her favorite kitchen gadgets!  I’ve got some of them–the oven thermometer, the Thermapen, the mandoline (seriously a life-saver)–but I’ve yet to spring for a salad spinner, and I’ve never even heard of a vertical roaster, although it sounds intriguing.

My favorite gadgets, if I’m forced to pick my top three, are my Wusthof chef’s knife, my Boos cutting block, and my immersion blender.  You can’t do much without a sharp knife, and having a big, spacious cutting block makes prep so much easier.  My immersion blender with attachable mini-chopper does everything; it purees soups, it makes all manner of sauces (pesto, vinaigrettes, mayonnaise), it makes bread crumbs (or Oreo crumbs, which I needed for Monica’s birthday cake over the weekend).  Now that I’ve seen the light, I don’t think I could ever go back to cheap knives and rinky-dink plastic cutting boards.

That’s my list.  Click the link above for Lynne’s list.  Ruhlman also has a great list here. What about you?  What gadgets could you absolutely not do without?

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